I’m a convert, and I like a boy who was born in the church. He recently told me that a few months ago he broke the law of chastity with another girl who isn’t a member. I’m having a hard time understanding that, because I’m looking for a man in the church who’s willing to wait until marriage. But I really like this boy. I’m not sure what to do. Can you give me some advice?

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El Santo Gringo
November 20, 2016

Hi sister. What a difficult situation. Just because someone is born in the church doesn’t mean that he or she is truly converted. I worry that your friend might need to strengthen his testimony.

If he recently broke the law of chastity, he’s probably not in a good place to date right now. If he’s trying to repent of his sin, it would be good for you to offer kindness, support, and friendship. Give him some time to recover from this spiritual mistake. Then perhaps the two of you can consider a romantic relationship.

I hope this advice helps you.

January 31, 2017

Well said

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