Number of Mormons

  • Worldwide, there are over 14 million Mormons, nearly the same as the number of Jews.
  • In the United States the LDS Church is the 4th largest individual denomination with over 5.5 million members, a population about equal to the number of Muslims.
  • Only 12% of all Mormons live in Utah. Most Mormons do not live in North America.
  • Aside from the United States, other regions with significant numbers of Mormons include Mexico and Asia (1 million members each), South America (3 million members), and Central America and Europe (about half a million each). The rapid growth the Church has been experiencing in Africa, where the number of Mormons already passes a quarter of a million, is particularly exciting.
  • After Catholics, the LDS Church is the largest religion by number in ten U.S. states. ()

(Accurate as of December 31st, 2004, December, 2002, 1999?.)

LDS Worldwide Statistics (Selected Countries):

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