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Hi there, hi have had missionaries visiting me lately and have become very interested in the church. I was told though that i could not be baptised until I am married because a I am not living the law of chastity. I have been with my bf for 12 years and we have a son together and i would love...

I'm still investigating the church, mostly because my parents won't let me be baptized. I want to join one day, and I want to serve a mission! There's a boy in my ward who really likes me. I like him too. But he's going to leave on a mission soon, and I think he wants me to wait for him....

I have a Mormon boyfriend, and I'd like to marry him. I'm interested in joining your church. In discussing marriage, we've talked about being married civilly, in his church, and also in the Catholic church. Is that possible?

My mom was Mormon, and I have her ashes in my house. According to Mormon belief, what should I do with them? Thanks.

I have a Mormon friend I'd like to date. I've been learning about the church, though, and I read that Mormons don't date before they're 16. Is that true? Thanks.

If all/20 crore dalits of India change their religion to christian then poverty of India reduced by by 80%...and reservation also vanished. Then why rss bjp hindu doing this. Also several other benefits to India.

I just became LDS, which means that I'm fairly new to The Book of Mormon. I love reading the scriptures and feel a real connection with the younger Alma and other prophets in the book. However, I'm unsure about how exactly Lehi and his people go over to the American continent. Do you know what type of ship that they