I have been inactive for about 5 years, my wife and I went inactive and everything has been great for a long time. We are now thinking about having kids and my wife decided she wants to raise them in the church; thusly re-activating ourselves Is necessary. I’m honestly scared to go back to church because I don’t want to feel like a disappointment to anyone for having left. I also don’t know what I should expect trying to go back. Having not followed the rules for so long I’m scared of the consequences should I go back.

I also kind of want to talk to the missionaries to figure All that out, but having served a mission a long time ago I know that I should know all the answers and I don’t want to waste their time or bother them, especially since Im not even sure I want to go back, what is your honest opinion on that? Thanks for taking your time for me!

Gavin from Layton,

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2020-03-08 12:21:29
Gavin: It is absolutely wonderful that you are considering returning. As a parent, I can tell you that it will be the best thing that you can do to raise them in a loving Gospel-centered home. Helping you would be a wonderful use of the missionaries' time. They would not be bothered, but rather thrilled! You can be honest with them that you are not sure where you stand yet. You do not need to be embarrassed that you may have forgotten a few principles or scriptures. I found some meaningful words from Elder Holland as I searched for what could apply to you:

"Forgive and do that which is sometimes harder than to forgive: forget. And when it comes to mind again, forget it again... God doesn't care nearly as much about where you have been as He does about where you are and, with His help, where you are willing to go." ("The Best is Yet to Be", Ensign Jan. 2010)

I recommend you contact your bishop. Tell him that you feel a pull to the Gospel and to more deeply follow the Savior, but your feelings are complex and a little murky still. Share openly your concerns. It is natural and understandable to feel trepidation. Of course, all Church members have not become perfect since you left, any more than you or I have. However, your faith will be stronger than the few missteps that may happen, and you will be amazed at the love that you will be met with at your return! You can do this. You will be relieved and rejuvenated as you make these wonderful changes. God bless you, friend!
2020-03-16 04:41:38

Your wife decision to let your children raise In the church is one of the great decision she ever made. Why? , because if your children get used to have the gospel in their lives at the early age, obviously they will not go astray. My only advice to you is to pray harder to our loving Father in Heaven to all the feeling of doubts in going back to his true church. You know to yourself the greatest blessing if you continue to follow thy commandments especially if you bring your family back to his presence. The present situation of the world nowadays awake us to work in his vineyard with all our strength, with all our heart, with all our mind and with all our might. If you choose to go back to his presence, he will guide you and your family to attain each and everyone's goal which is to have Eternal life and to live in his bosom in the very near future. I don't know you personally even the hardships you experience in this life but I'm telling you, if you choose to go back, you will never be wrong.
2020-03-04 22:38:28
Dear Gavin,

First off, I'm glad you want to raise your children in the church. I can definitely see why you would be scared to rejoin. It is tricky to see friends and family after you've been gone for a while. However, I do believe that when you rejoin, people will just be glad to see you again, and will want to celebrate you coming back! Remember the story of the prodigal son? Just like the son coming home to his father, you will be welcomed back immensely. If there is anybody who might resent you like the older brother, then that is not your fault. I hope this will help you, and know that I will be praying for your family.
2020-03-07 22:05:49
Church members will be waiting for you with open arms and a call to come home. You might be surprised that those you encounter will be happy to see you, and will smile as they welcome you back to the church. No one will be thinking of the past. All that matters now is that you come home, the past is the past, use it, learn from it, and be ready to forgive those who don't understand it.

I left the church and came back, I felt inadequate and guilty, but I soon realized that I was the only one viewing myself that way. Everyone else was simply happy to have me in the gospel and in the temple. Good luck brother, and welcome home.

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