I would not call my Baptism “recent” for it was a very long time ago as is most everything else In my life. My grandmother was my religious teacher. This was not uncommon in those days as meeting houses were few. I find my age embarrassing. So, I will just make a list of common things I was responsible for after school as a child on the days that my grandmother taught me:

Draw up water from the well in the back yard to use in the morning, pour the water into the water tank on the side of the cook stove, bank the fire in the potbelly stove so it would last the night, and trim the wicks on the lamps.

After dinner, grandmother would have me do a lesson in the Juvenile Instructor serries of books from which she had learned the religion. We had only these books, a Bible, and a very old Book of Mormon. I found the Book of Mormon in a steamer trunk of hers a few years ago and decided to return to church to see what the prophet may have updated. The first thing I found out was that they had added verses to the Book of Mormon and some books were longer or shorter than the ones in the newer Book of Mormon. Of course there have been many updates from the prophets. I recently bought a copy of the Book of Commandments on ebay and I would like to know how it compares with today’s D&C. Are the revelation numbers the same in both books? I remember my Grandmother telling me that the Book of Commandments was incomplete because a mob destroyed the printing press before the printing was done

Leland from Menifee,

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Fernando Duarte
2021-02-28 17:50:37
Hi Leland. So interesting to hear about your history! The Juvenile \Instructor! That's really something. It's been a while since the church has used that magazine. :)

There have been a few minor edits to the Book of Mormon over the years, mostly to correct spelling errors and add small clarification based on the original manuscripts. One such revision was made in 1981, so that might be the source of the changes between the version you have and our more modern version.

Changes to the Book of Commandments (now Doctrine and Covenants) have been more substantial, as you mentioned. You can find electronic copies of all these books online, if you're interested: https://www.churchofJesusChrist.org/study/scriptures?lang=eng

I'm not sure if you're currently attending church, but if not I want you to know that you're certainly welcome. During the pandemic, many congregations broadcast their meetings online. I suggest you contact your local bishop to find out if there's anything like that in your area. The missionaries in your area would also be very happy to help you, I'm certain.

Thanks again for your very interesting message! I suggest you hold on to the old magazines and books you've got. Amazing pieces of history. Take care.

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