I know this probably sounds like a joke, something offensive or just plain peculiar, but to me it is genuinely only the latter, plus I have been trying to find some way to ask a question, since that is the only way another Mormon will speak to me, particularly online.

Every time I think the words, think about saying the words, say the words or hear the words, “Jesus Christ”, I feel shame and anxiety because I get a feeling of these words being used as swear words, or, as expletives to express frustration or anger, over little things, big things or against me for something someone thinks I did or a personal attack. How can I overcome this?

Please don’t share my email with missionaries. If they wanted or needed to talk to me in the past 15 years they would have. I am happy to just keep waiting until they come to me and show that they care. Last time they came to my door, my wife turned them away, regretfully to me, but I guess it just wasn’t time.

Praise be to all missionaries out in the field at this time. I wish them good health and may the spirit be with them.

Shaun from Adelaide,

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Diego Miranda
2020-04-05 16:59:41

We believe that disciples of Jesus should follow His example and be baptized by someone with authority from God.
Hi Shaun. Some people do use Jesus Christ's name as a swear word. This is one of the ways people take His name in vain. Even though using Christ's name inappropriately in this way is common, you are right in thinking that it is shameful. We should treat Christ's name with respect.

But using Christ's name appropriately--to discuss his teachings, for example, or to worship Him--is a wonderful thing. An important part of the baptismal covenant all members of the church make is to "take Christ's name upon them."

I hope this answer helps. I of course won't share your information with the missionaries, per your request. But they are unlikely to randomly show up without knowing the details of your situation. If you'd like to speak with them (and I encourage you to!), you can request a visit online: https://www.allaboutmormons.com/outbound/request-missionary-visit.php

Take care and stay safe!
2020-04-05 18:52:34
It is really shameful. And sometimes even members of the church slip on their tongues and utter the word. But because we know it's not right we regret and feeling bad about it. Repentance is a gift.
2020-05-17 15:39:34
Just don't swear and ignore those who do. If they don't stop when around you then they don't respect you. Avoid any voluntary time spent with those who don't respect you.

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