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I'm inactive, and my boyfriend has been a member for 9 months. He's active. He goes every Sunday, has callings, etc. But we don't keep the law of chastity. What's ahead for us?

I got married legally but haven't been to the temple. For unrelated reasons. But things have not been going well, and we want to get a divorce. I want to know what will happen with our children. Can they be sealed to us even though we're divorcing?

Can I receive money endowment if I don't want to serve a mission? I'm 21 years old, and I've been inactive for some time, but I really want to come back to church. The problem is I don't want to serve a mission because I have other priorities. Can I receive my endowment anyway? Thanks.

Baptism. I read somewhere that there are certain sins that the church cannot forgive. My question is if Baptism can forgive these sins, and any other sins committed before baptism? Also, can former Atheists who have previously denied the Holy Spirit be Baptised and forgiven? I hope my question isn't annoying, and thanks for answering in advance.

I am 15 years old. I have had sex. I made the decision to talk to my bishop. I am scared he will tell my parents and I don't want that. I also need advise on how to tell him. PLEASE HELP!!

For the past year and a half I have had a job that made me work on Sundays, and so I wasn't able to go to church. During that time, I accidentally stumbled into porn... At least, something that aroused me sexually. I wouldn't say that I watched it excessively, but I watched it nonetheless, and I feel terrible about...

Hi there, hi have had missionaries visiting me lately and have become very interested in the church. I was told though that i could not be baptised until I am married because a I am not living the law of chastity. I have been with my bf for 12 years and we have a son together and i would love...

Two-part question: What is the policy of Mormonism towards giving charity or practical aid (food, help with car repairs, help with medical bills, etc) to non-Mormons? Is this only done if the person agrees to become Mormon?

hi i am a hindu but my life is full of unluck,being depressed i decided to be a christian as i'm keen on christianity so it is my request if sir/madam u can guide me how to convert into christian officialy!please! :(