Anti-Mormon Hate Crimes on the Rise?

by Vicente Silva -

My impression is that the number of anti-Mormon hate crimes has been on the rise lately. Here’s a summary of what’s been in the news:

  1. Mesa Arizona (November, 2007): A fire at a Mormon chapel is determined to be arson.
  2. Fullerton, California (November 27th, 2007): A swastika and the numbers 666 are found painted on walls and religious paintings inside a Mormon Church. The windows of a second Mormon church in the city are discovered broken.
  3. Highland, Utah (January 13, 2008): Graffiti is painted on a Mormon seminary building, where religious classes for teenagers are held. The messages read: “We’ve come to dismantle the Mormon empire” and “You are no longer safe.”
  4. Finland (January, 2008): A fire at a Mormon chapel is determined to be arson.
  5. Phoenix, Arizona (April 6, 2008): A Mormon missionary hears a tapping on his apartment window at about 4:00 a.m. When the missionary goes searching for the source of the sound, he is punched in the face by a man dressed in dark clothing and wearing a ski-type mask. During the beating, the missionary realizes there are actually two attackers. The attackers yell anti-Mormon slurs during the beating.

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