Mormons are overtly aggressive in their missionary work?

Mormon Missionaries: An Introduction
The idea that Mormon missionaries are somehow aggressive likely comes from those who confuse our representatives with those of other religions. While occasionally an unskilled missionary may be awkwardly aggressive, most follow the official training given by the Church. That training teaches that each missionary should actively and enthusiastically seek those interested in our message but should not try to force religion on anyone. Mormons want to help others kindle or rekindle their faith in God. That faith can only be born of personal choice; to try to force faith is foolishness.

For a more realistic picture of Mormon missionary life, you might read some of my mission-related personal essays. Some relevant titles include Diadema, Whisperings of the Spirit, The Prayer, Little Ones, The Chain, The German, The Real Difference, The Sacrifice, I’m a Hero and I Know it, and The Master and the Message.

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