We reject biological evolution?

The story of a scientist.
While historically some Church leaders have emphatically rejected evolution, especially back when evolution was being taught as an alternative to religion, the Church’s official position is that God has not revealed how He created life, only that He did create it. I recommend this article from, which is impressively thorough. Additionally, I’ve also complied some church-related evolution facts. ()

Mormons reject technology?

The idea that we reject modern life comes from those who confuse us with the Amish. In fact, we have embraced technology. Members of the church invented word processing (WordPerfect), video games (Atari, “Pong”), the odometer, fry sauce, television, the electric traffic light, the hearing aid, and synthetic diamonds, among other products. Novell was also founded by members of our church. Napoleon Dynamite‘s Kip, played by a well-known Mormon actor, expresses our love-affair with technology in his touching ballad, “I Love Technology…Always and Forever.”

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