Prophetic/Apostolic Revelation

Revelation through Prophets and Apostles

As can be inferred from the writings of biblical prophets and apostles cited above, there is substantial biblical support for the Mormon concept of God’s plan, including the pre-mortal existence, the purpose of this life, and man’s potential for eternal progression. A few important points, however, are worth mentioning.

  • First, while most of the Bible is beautiful in its simplicity, Mormons are not alone in believing that the holy text nevertheless contains many apparent contradictions, difficult-to-understand passages, and ambiguous teachings that afford multiple interpretations. Contrary to the opinions of some, it is often impossible to know the correct meaning of some biblical passages by appealing to the Bible alone. Mormons recognize that often multiple views have biblical support, depending on how the words of ancient prophets and apostles are interpreted.
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Joseph Smith

Joseph Smith


Joseph went to a grove of trees

First Vision

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