Random Demographic Facts

Statistically, of all the United States, Utah is…

  • First in charitable giving.
  • First in scientists and household computers.
  • First in the number of citizens under 17 years old.

(Accurate as of 2006, 1999?.)

Largely because of the influence of the Mormon Church, of all the United States Utah has the lowest (or nearly lowest) rate of…

  • Teen pregnancy and abortion
  • Smoking (including teen smoking)
  • Alcohol use
  • Cancer cases
  • Heart disease (20% below the national average)
  • Work days missed within a 30-day period due to physical or mental illness
  • Death
  • Infant mortality

(Accurate as of 2006, 1999?.)

Being Mormon has some other unexpected benefits…

  • Active Mormons are seven times less likely to commit suicide.
  • Mormons live several years longer than the national average.

(Accurate as of 1999?, 1996.)

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