The Great Apostasy

As mentioned above, when Joseph Smith asked God which church he should join he was told that no church then existent possessed the divine authority to act in God’s name. No church then existent had the fullness of Christ’s gospel. When Christ walked the earth, however, He did establish His church. What happened to that original church? If the church then possessed the authority to act in God’s name, how was that authority lost? How were the original teachings of that primitive Church altered? Mormons believe that the early Christian church fell away from Christ’s original organization (the apostasy) and that that church was restored through Joseph Smith in the 19th century (the restoration). ()

Christ personally established His original church in ancient Israel. Anticipating His death, He knew that inspired leaders had to be called to communicate directly with God in order to prevent menóhowever well-intentionedófrom introducing their own philosophies into His gospel. Christ called prophets and apostles

communicate with God

the great apostasy

great Christian reformers

The Restoration

restore His original Church
(Scriptures: The Restoration)
modern-day revelation

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