Spiritual peace and enlightenment are the best reasons to investigate and join the LDS (“Mormon”) Church; any other benefits are secondary. I’ve been a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for over 20 years, and Jesus Christ’s restored gospel continues to transform my life for the better. My love of the Savior is the reason I continue to dedicate my life to Him, however imperfectly, day after day.
However, there are many secular and humanistic benefits for being Mormon as well. So many in our society shout angry condemnations of religion in general and Mormonism in particular. They claim that religion has done no good in the world. These loud critics are misinformed, and their allegations are demonstrably false. Allow me to list some of the secular benefits of being Mormon.

A doctorPhysical and Mental Health Benefits

Surprisingly, there are significant physical and mental health benefits to being Mormon. These benefits are likely derived from our dietary code and the social support we receive in our Church communities. Let me list some of the specific health benefits:

Physical Health

Mental Health

Humanitarian Efforts



Work and Productivity

Religious Beliefs and Practices

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