Our Concept of God

Mormons are not Christian?

A statue of the Savior Jesus Christ

A statue of Christ at temple square, Salt Lake City, Utah.

We are Christians, as our official name, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, suggests. It is true that we do not consider ourselves “Protestant,” as we do not protest the Catholic Church; the two faiths have worked extensively together on humanitarian and other projects. It is also true that we do not consider ourselves “Born-Again Christians.” While we do believe that one must change his heart–must be born again–to come to God, the “Born-Again Christian” label entails far more than a belief in spiritual rebirth.

Jesus Christ visiting the ancient American continent

hereChrist on the American continentthe price of sinthe second cominga portrait of Jesus

The Master and the MessageGolgotha and the Garden Tomb

Mormons reject salvation through the grace of Christ? They believe good works alone bring salvation?

paid the price for our sins

Mormons have an unchristian view of God? Mormons are polytheistic?

lost the authority

physically separate although perfectly unified in purpose

Mormons worship Joseph Smith?

Joseph Smithrestored His church


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