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  • Your content will be posted after it has been reviewed by the webmaster or other site administrators. Unfortunately, this is not an open forum. Negative or inaccurate content will be deleted.
  • Your content may be edited to improve clarity, accuracy, appropriateness, and grammar. Here are some additional things to avoid:
    • Posting content that is off topic, especially if that content may cause confusion or misunderstandings.
    • Discussing speculative theological ideas, especially if they are erroneously presented as “Mormon doctrine.”
    • Criticizing others in any form. It’s fine to describe behavior as sinful, but we should never attack people personally.
    • Jumping to unfounded conclusions, especially in response to a question posted on this site.
  • All submitted material becomes the property of the Felipe Santana to be used at his discretion.
  • Posting content that can be found elsewhere on the internet or for which you do not hold the copyright is prohibited.

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