Good afternoon. I’m Cuban, and I’d like to know the basics of the mormon religion. I’ve worked for 25 years in cuba and recently moved to Russia to work. My family and I need help finding an apartment here in Moscou too. I currently live in an apartment with 6 people, and I’d like to find a new one before my sons arrive from Cuba (August 22, 2010). Thanks for your help!

Adela from Moscou,

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Luciano Delgado
2010-08-08 00:41:13
Hi Adela. Thanks for your recent email. Coincidentally, I visited my Cuban friend here in California just yesterday! All the Cubans I've ever met have been very nice people. :)

Often times when there are great changes in our lives, we turn to God. Moving to a distant country is certainly an example of a great change! I think it's excellent that you're looking for a Church. The LDS Church can provide you with a needed community, since you're so far from home. Additionally, and more importantly, the teachings of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ can transform your life. I know they can, because they are transforming mine.

I don't know if the Church can help you find a house, since the Church's main purpose is to help people find spiritual peace and spiritual blessings. However, perhaps once you visit the Church, others in your congregation will know of housing opportunities. At the very least, talking with the Mormons in your area, most of whom are probably native Russians who know the area, should be helpful.

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