Based on below I don’t understand how the B. O. M. Has Nephi chapters if the original translation was lost?? The book of Lehi

Joseph Smith began with the book of Lehi when he was translating the Book of Mormon. It was a record that Mormon had abridged from the plates of Lehi. After he had 116 pages of manuscript that he had translated from this book, Joseph gave the manuscript to Martin Harris, who had briefly served as Joseph’s scribe in the translation of the Book of Mormon. The pages were then lost. Joseph did not retranslate the book of Lehi to replace the lost manuscript but instead translated other related accounts from the gold plates.


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Carlos Bravo
2017-12-24 11:42:47
Hi Tj. Thanks for your interesting question. After the 116 pages containing Lehi's writing were lost, Joseph resumed translating a different part of the Book-of-Mormon text, the part written by Nephi, the son of Lehi. Thankfully, Nephi's record contained much of the same information, though one can't help but wonder what details were lost with the loss of Lehi's record. Regardless, because of this redundancy the Book of Mormon does include Nephi's story.

It's worth pointing out, too, that Nephi was a common name. The books of Third and Forth Nephi, for example, refer to an entirely different Nephi than the one mentioned in the beginning of the book.

I hope this answer helps. All the best.

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