In trying to build a structured system of personal righteousness with some amount of good judgement on my part, where I can give real world examples of the benefits of following a Godly lifestyle. But stumbling blocks, like Leviticus 19:19 where the Bible says it is a sin to mix two kinds of fibers when making clothing, make it very difficult for me to attempt to follow any religious leader other than my own picking.

To some other Christian denominations this scripture is as vital as the Word of Wisdom is to Latter Day Saints. Coffee and Tea won’t be viewed by them as a sin, while mixing two kinds of fibers in clothing they wear is.

What is the logical way to choose which parts of the scriptures to follow, and will I be sinning by ignoring parts of Leviticus 19:19?

Benjamin from Anacortes,

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Mario Rubio
2018-09-16 11:04:21
Hi Benjamin. Thanks for your interesting question. It's excellent that you're thinking about these things.

Very few Christians would argue that the edict in Leviticus 19:19 is binding today. Almost all Christians would see this as an aspect of the Law of Moses that was fulfilled in Christ.

But the main point of your question still stands: how can we use the scriptures to build a systematic moral code?

The answer is to be guided by study, introspection, inspired leaders, and prayer.

First, study the scriptures and their proper context. The scriptures themselves make it clear that much of the formulary rules described in the Old Testament no longer apply, since Christ has fullfilled the Law of Moses. The principles taught by these laws are still true, but the way those principles are now expressed (the new convenient) is described in the New Testament.

Next, when trying to decide how best to put Christian principles into practice, introspection is critical. Humans have a remarkable capacity for self justification. Make sure you do what you do because it's right, not because it's convenient. The most convenient thing is rarely the best thing.

Next, be guided by inspired leaders. The key here is the word "inspired." God has called apostles, prophets, and other leaders in our days, just as He did anciently. These men and women receive revelation from God to help His Children know how best to live right lives. I'm grateful to be a member of a church that benefits from this restored revelatory gift.

Finally, prayer is also critical. Just as prophets, apostles, and other leaders can receive revelation for the church, we can each receive personal revelation to know how best to act. If the scriptures point you in one direction, confirm that direction with God. If introspection or inspired leaders suggest a way to go, confirm that with God too. God loves you and is eager to guide you towards the right.

I hope this answer helps! Let me know if you have any additional questions. I'm happy to help.

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