I’m going out with a young man who will go on a mission soon. I love him so much, so we’re continuing to carefully keep the law of chastity.

I recently had a dream with him in it. We went to the temple together. I heard a voice telling us to go. What is Heavenly Father trying to tell me with this dream?

Sara from Lima,
(Comment originally posted in Spanish)

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Mateo Duarte
2017-09-10 09:50:08
Hi Sara. Thanks for your question. Dreams can be very complicated. Sometimes they have no meaning. Even religious dreams may be meaningless. Much of what people dream is just random.

On the other hand, sometimes God does try to communicate with us through dreams. In these cases, the recipient of the dream should pray and fast to try to discover the meaning. It wouldn't really be appropriate for me or anyone else on this site to try to interpret revelation that was meant for you.

In the case of revelation about relationships, it's important that both the man and the woman receive confirmation from God about how to proceed.

I hope this answer helps! All the best.

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