Would they excommunicate me if I lied in my baptismal interview?

AnĂ³nimo from Hermosillo,
(Comment originally posted in Spanish)

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Francisco Rubio
November 20, 2016

Jesus Christ was Himself baptized in the Jordan river to provide an example for each of us. (Reflections of Christ)

Hi friend. It’s obviously important not to lie during your baptismal interview. It would be very ironic to commit a serious sin at the very moment when you’re getting ready to abandon your sins.

That having been said, it seems unlikely to me that you would be excommunicated. It’s important to talk with your Bishop, though, if you have made this mistake. He can help you apply Christ’s atonement in your life. I hope this answer helps.

February 28, 2017

It is sad that you felt the need to lie. You may have lied to a human interviewing you, but the Lord Is aware of what you did, so perhaps you need to apologise to him and repent. Your Bishop will be able to advise you on this process

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