My best friend of 4 years now is Mormon and, when the time is right, we want to date. We really like each other. He introduced me to his faith and it really made me think. After everything I’ve learned about Mormonism I really think it is the missing piece I’ve been looking for. The stability that seems to ensue in his life is something I’d like to see in mine. I was raised Catholic and go to a Lutheran school yet identify by neither faith. I only know I am a devout Christian. I was wondering if you could tell me a bit about your experience to help me? I am seriously considering conversion but I don’t know if my parents would approve. What is the minimum age to convert? Thank you!

Havana from Las Vegas,

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Jeanie Taylor
2019-06-24 10:59:21
The quickest and easiest way to decide is to read the Book of Mormon, praying while you read, and ask God if It's true. He will tell you what to do, and you'll know, by the good, warm feelings you have.

I was born a member. My great-great-grandmother and -father crossed the plains with a handcart, but I still had to gain my own testimony, and I did that by following this process, when I was a teenager.
The Church’s missionary program is one of its most recognized characteristics.
You may wish to ask for local missionaries to come and teach you about the church, while you read the Book of Mormon. In the church, we are taught by many sincere teachers.

You can also ask God what to do about your parents. You can ask Him to tell you about ANYTHING! He loves you and wants you to be happy! I wish you well!

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