How a girl should be dressed if she become a Mormon? And what are the role of the wife in the family? He should obey his husband? And what is the perfect age for a girl to get married ?


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Leonardo Miranda
2017-07-09 11:42:26
Hi Giota. Thanks for sending your question! I'm happy you're interested in learning more about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I hope you find the same joy in this church that I and millions of others have found over the years. Let me answer your questions.

1. Mormons believe in modest dress for both men and women. That means we generally avoid extremes. On one hand, there's no need for women to walk about in prarie dresses and bonnets. On the other hand, Mormons don't typically walk about exposing too much skin either. On Sundays at church both men and women wear their "Sunday best," which usually means dresses for women if they've got them. But otherwise we dress much as other people might.

2. Women and men are seen as equals in marriage. One should not dominate over the other. Both should "harken" to each others' views. Hearken doesn't exactly mean obey... It means listening to another's opinion with the intent to carefully and objectively consider It.

There's no perfect age to marry. Most Mormons get married in their early to mid twenties, but many marry later as well. It really depends on the individual and their circumstances.

I hope this answer helps! Let me know if you have any additional questions. I'm happy to help.

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