Is there any hope of striving for an eternal marriage when you have already had 3 divorces? I just sit in church and think I’m just wasting my time when I hear all these messages about eternity and families. None of my children are baptised. There was a coupIe in our ward recently sealed in the temple. They had been inactive for 15 years. They had been back at church for only 2 years, next minute, temple marriage. I think I’m ready to start drinking.

Jim from Kansas,

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Jorge Delgado
2017-04-09 13:39:36
Hi Jim. I certainly empathize with you. It can be frustrating to hear about eternal families when you don't have one of your own.

There's always hope in striving! That's what God actually cares about: how hard we try. Life circumstances prevent us from achieving all the goals we'd like to achieve. Each human life has its own unique challenges. It's not equally easy for all of us to mark all the boxes on our earth-life checklist. So God won't judge us on that alone.

But all of us, no matter our circumstances, can always try our best. God will judge us based on that, because that's how His judgment can be equal for all His children.

So keep trying, brother. If you're lucky, you'll find someone. But if not, God will still honor your effort.

I hope this answer helps. Best of luck to you.
2017-04-12 22:11:13
Jim: I feel the pain of your words. Be comforted. Whatever we lack on this earth will be made up for in heaven, if we honor our commitments, keep the commandments, and stay true to what we know. I did not find this faith until I was 59 years old. And I recently became sealed after 2 divorces. It can happen for you. The worst thing you can do, is to doubt and become discouraged. That is giving Satan a victory. Pray without ceasing. Lift your desires to God in all earnest sorrow. I don't know if you will receive your answers here on earth. But I do know, you will receive the peace that passes all understanding.
2017-04-13 05:29:23
Jim being single has it's advantages too. Ever give up hope. If it is meant to be in this life it will happen, keep striving and you will be blessed.
2017-04-18 11:09:03
Thank you all for the encouraging words.
2017-04-19 00:50:08
True. Thank you

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