How did mormonism originate?


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Bruno Paz
May 1, 2012

How did Mormons Start?

The story of Joseph Smith

Many wonder, “How did mormonism originate?” The “Mormon Church,” better called The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, started when a young man named Joseph Smith was confused about religion. He lived during a time when religion was a hot topic. Many preachers were trying to get people to join their churches. Joseph wasn’t sure which church God wanted Him to join.

Since he was confused, he decided to read the Bible. He came across a passage in the book of James, chapter 1 verse 5: “If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.” This scripture had a big impact on the young Joseph.

Joseph Smith decided he’d do exactly what the Bible instructed. He went into a forest near his house and started to pray to God for guidance. Much to Joseph’s surprise, the heavens were opened, and God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ appeared to him in a vision. They told Joseph that the true gospel of Jesus Christ had been lost when Christ’s original apostles were killed. Jesus called Joseph to restore His ancient gospel in our modern days.

A more complete version of Joseph’s story

Joseph’s story is truly incredible! He said he wouldn’t believe it himself if it hadn’t happened to him. The real miracle, though, is that each of us, after proper studying and pondering, can come to know for ourselves through prayer to God whether or not Joseph’s story is true. God is anxious to respond to our sincere questions. Just as Joseph asked God for wisdom, so can we.

When did Mormons Start?

How long have mormons been around? Joseph had his vision in 1820. The church was formally organized in 1830.

Where did mormons start?

Where did mormons originate? Joseph had his first vision in up-state New York.