Hi. I’m a less active member of the church. I’m so happy to have found people on this site like me. To tell you the truth, I’m not even sure why I stopped going to church, but I know that I do need to go and that it’s the place I should be. I’m very happy to be able to post this message and to get to know people from other places. It helps me a lot to get to know my brothers and sisters in Christ!

Susana from Mar Del Plata,
(Comment originally posted in Spanish)

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Ricardo Campos
2012-11-04 13:26:24
A Mormon missionary hugging a Mormon bishop in Aracaju, Sergipe, Brazil.
Hi Susana. I'm happy you still have such a strong testimony of the church even though you've been less active for a while. Sometimes it's easy to get distracted by our busy lives and to accidentally neglect our spirituality. I hope you know, sister, that God still loves you, and He wants you to enjoy all the blessings of full church membership. I'm certain the members of your ward or branch will welcome you back with open arms. I hope you do come back soon, sister!

The best way to come back is to chat with your bishop or branch president. Explain to him that you would appreciate his help as you try to integrate yourself back into the church. If you need additional help, the missionaries would also be happy to visit you in your home. You can request a missionary visit online. Even better, your bishop or branch president could introduce you to the missionaries serving in your area. Good luck to you!
Pamela Bonta
2013-01-15 19:21:52
So go already! Having had periods of inactivity in my own church-going, I can tell you from experience that the best way to get back to church is just to get up and go. You can also give the Relief Society a call and ask for their help in helping you to get back - you should have a Visiting Teacher who can help you and encourage you, for example. God bless, and I hope you do return. It's where you need to be to return to our Heavenly Father!

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