If a Mormon were to convert to Protestantism, what are the consequences within their family and/or community? Is there the possibility that they be ostracized or disowned?


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Diego Miranda
2010-05-30 22:03:44
Hi friend. As you can imagine, Mormon families experience a lot of distress when children choose to join another religion. Many Protestants and Catholics who become Mormons experience similar familial tensions. Mormonism is both a religion and a culture, so there may be some unique social challenges associated with leaving Mormonism.

However, it would be inappropriate for parents to ostracize or disown their children in such a situation. I think that some religious denominations do practice a form of shunning; for example, Jehovah's Witnesses shun under certain circumstances. However, that is not a Mormon practice.
2010-06-01 09:44:45
It is against our religious beliefs to ostracize or disown someone who leaves the faith. Only those who are not following the teachings of our church would do so. That having been said- let me make a comment about your situation. What is or are the reasons for leaving the LDS church? I would like to suggest that before leaving the LDS church that you meet with the missionaries, read the Book of Mormon, and prayerfully ask Heavenly Father if the Book of Mormon and the LDS church are true.

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