I do not know much of this hence my question. A friend of a friend is mormon but has an Instagram account with a lot of sexy photo-shopped selfies. She had big fake boobs and Is proud of it, you can see that. She is also cheeky with the men. Is this normal behaviour for a mormon woman?


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Lucas Bravo
2017-10-01 11:16:33
Hi Maria. Thanks for the question. It sounds like your Mormon friend is not fully living the Mormon lifestyle. Mormons believe in modesty for both men and women, meaning we believe it's best not use revealing or provocative clothes in public. Instagram is certainly a public forum.

We aren't opposed to cosmetic surgery per se, but flaunting it is this manner is not appropriate.

I'm not certain what you mean by cheeky, since that term isn't often used where I live. Mormons certainly can be flirtatious in their efforts to find someone to marry and start a family with. But flaunting one's body in overtly sexual ways is not the right way to attract the right kind of person.

I hope this answer helps! All the best.

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