How do I become the best person I can be, get over my problems & keep going in life even if it’s really difficult?


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2018-10-28 13:34:09
For members of the church, Jesus Christ is the divine Son of God, our Savior and Redeemer through whom salvation is made possible. (Reflections of Christ)
Ivory: You can do this! I am so glad that you reached out to ask for support. Below are several things to help you.

1. Turn to the Master Healer, Jesus Christ

Alma 36:3: For I do know that whosoever shall put their trust in God shall be supported in their trials, and their troubles, and their afflictions, and shall be lifted up at the last day.

2. Do your best, and leave the rest to God

If we faithfully do our best, God will bless our efforts and make up whatever is needed. We must trust that He has a plan which will make everything all right in the end. You are His child, of infinite worth to Him. He loves you, has never abandoned you, and will be there with you through everything. He weeps with you in trials, and rejoices with you in triumphs.

3. Seek comfort in the Spirit

As you study the scriptures, you will feel the power of "the word which healeth the wounded soul" (Jacob 2:8). As you bare your soul in prayer, listen carefully--both during prayer and at various times in the days and weeks to come. "The peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your heart" (Philippians 4:7). Visit the temple, even if just to be on the temple grounds.

4. Have faith, including patience

The Lord says "I know the end from the beginning; therefore my hand shall be over thee" (Abraham 2:8). Trust in His timing, and know that He wants to beside you.

5. Believe in a bright future

6. Find the good in today

God bless you!

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