Do latter day saints officially not. Believe. That Jesus Christ is God manifest in the flesh. ? I john 4:1-4. Do latter day saints really teach that Jesus Christ is a God instead of being fully God ? Do latter day saints really reject that Jesus Christ has two natures as one person. ? ( meaning Jesus Christ us Fully God in divinity and nature and Jesus Christ is man . ) Do latter day saints reject that the. God- man is Jesus Christ ? Meaning God became a man on earth which was Jesus Christ. Who is fully God and man ?

John from San Diego,

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Jorge Santana
2020-04-05 17:27:02
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Hi John. Thanks for your question. There's a certain amount of semantics involved in this question. We have to be careful, because we might end up using the same words to mean different things. Here are my answers to your questions based on what I understand of them:

1) We believe Jesus Christ is God the Son. We believe He is fully God. We believe He came to earth as a mortal man (in the flesh), as described in the New Testament. He was fully man during that time as well.

2) We believe that God the Father, God the Son, and the Holy Ghost together make up the Godhead (similar, but not identical to, the concept of Trinity in most other churches). The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost are one in purpose. They have the same, unified will.

3) We reject some of the teachings described the Nicene Creed (as well as other creeds) that are not Biblical. But we accept the teachings of those Creeds that are Biblical.

I hope this answer helps. Take care.

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