I’ve been LDS for almost 2 years now. I’m endowed in the temple and recently got to know a woman who I love a lot, and she loves me. She isn’t Mormon and doesn’t think about ever joining the church. This really bothers me, but I can accept it, and so can she. In fact, I’m very happy. What should I do? Am I doing the right thing?

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Leonardo Miranda
2016-11-20 10:53:45
Members of the Church believe that marriages performed in temples are sealed, or blessed to last for eternity.
Hi brother. As you know, getting married in the temple requires a certain preparation. That preparation includes accepting the covenants of baptism. If your girlfriend chooses to never accept those covenants, the two of you won't be able to be married in the temple.

Each person must make his or her own decision. But I personally would not trade the blessing of a temple marriage for anything. There are many wonderful people who aren't members of our church. But a solid marriage is based on more than just romance. You have to consider cultural and religious compatibility as well.

Hope this answer helps.
2017-01-31 09:51:16
There is no greater and sweeter love and peace than eternal life -- which is to live with and like Our Father in Heaven. In order to live with and live like Him we have to make and keep covenants including a Temple sealing. There is no other way.
2017-01-30 17:07:12
In order to receive a Temple recommend one must testify that they have a testimony of the restored Church of Jesus Christ. The endowment further covenants us with the Lord that we will follow him. We are commanded to be one in marriage with our spouse. The endowment (and baptism) covenant us to become one with the Lord. How can we be one with the Lord and one with our spouse if our spouse has not made the same covenants?

Making and keeping covenants matters. We cannot treat (mock) God lightly. We are responsible for the light and knowledge we have received. We should marry someone with no strings attached -- hoping that they will change. The Temple is for the living to make covenants and for the living to help the dead that have not had the opportunity.

This life, not the next, is the time to prepare to meet God. There is no magic in death; the same disposition we leave with in this life will rise with us in the resurrection. Now is the time to decide if we our loyal to the testimony we have received. We need to "think" with our hearts and our heads. Are we and our spouses putting the Lord first? If we are not, it really does not matter what else we have put in first place. Where is our heart? In order to receive blessings we need to be obedient. President Benson and Elder Spencer W. Kimball have addressed this topic. We cannot be one if we love/worshop a different God. Covenants matter!

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