What do you think about using marijuana in ways that don’t involve smoking it? I’m going through a very difficult situation with a lot of academic stress, and I have friends who drink cannabis tea. It helps them relax. In my country growing marijuana for yourself is not illegal, so it’s not really a legal matter. What do you think?

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Pedro Cruz
December 18, 2016

Hi Beto. Using recreational drugs is a violation of the Word of Wisdom. Many debate whether or not marijuana has medicinal value, but regardless of one’s opinion, if it’s not prescribed by a doctor its use is obviously prohibited. I personally would be reluctant to use it even it were prescribed.

If you have uncontrollable stress, I encourage you to chat with your parents, your bishop, your friends, a counselor, or even a psychologist if necessary. I understand how stressful school can be.

All the best.

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