I want to visit a church in the near future. What do I need to know before going and what can I expect upon my arrival?

Amanda from Fallon, Nv,

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Samuel Prado
2018-12-31 01:01:04

What is it like to visit a chapel?
Hi Amanda. So happy to hear that you plan to visit one of our chapels soon! I suggest you use the church's official website to look up the address and meeting time of your local congregation.

Starting next week, our church meetings will last only two hours. The first meeting is typically called sacrament meeting. Activities include praying, singing, partaking of the sacrament (like the Lord's supper in other churches), and listening to sermons prepared by members of the congregation.

The second meeting has a classroom format. We all break into smaller groups and discuss gospel topics together.

When you arrive, I suggest that you let people know that you're visiting for the first time. That way they'll be able to guide you to the right rooms and classes. Members of the church are typically eager to help visitors. We understand that it can be a little disorienting at first! :)

I'd also recommend meeting with some of our missionaries if you're not already doing so. They can also help you learn more about our way of worshipping. You can request a missionary visit online.

I hope you enjoy your first visit! Please do let me know how it goes. I'm also happy to answer any additional questions you might have.

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