What can Mormons drink?


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Bruno Paz
April 30, 2012

May who have Mormon friends wonder, “What can mormons drink?” and “What can’t mormons drink?” The answer might surprize you!

Do Mormons Drink?

Joseph Smith was the first president of the Mormon Church. He received a message from God to restore Christ's ancient church in modern times.

Practicing Mormons don’t typically drink alcohol. We believe that, to best connect with God, we have to avoid physical addictions. These kinds of addictions can be great distractions for those trying to live a spiritual life. In 1833, Joseph Smith, one of our earliest Church leaders, received a message from God called the “Word of Wisdom.” This message described how to lead a healthy physical and spiritual life. Alcohol is one of the things God said to avoid.

Some still wonder, “When can mormons drink alcohol?” In reality, there is never a good time. There are no exceptions. Mormons believe alcohol should always be avoided.

Why Don’t Mormons Drink Coffee?

That explains why Mormons don’t drink alcohol, but some ask why mormons don’t drink coffee. Coffee was also mentioned in the “Word of Wisdom.” Even though coffee is arguably not as bad for the body as alcohol is, coffee is still addictive. Mormons believe these kinds of physical addictions should be avoided at all costs. They impede our ability to connect with God.

Why Don’t Mormons Drink Hot Drinks?

The “Word of Wisdom” actually doesn’t mention coffee by name. Instead, it talks generally about avoiding “hot drinks.” Through additional messages given by God, Mormons have learned that “hot drinks” refer to coffee and black tea. Herbal teas are okay, unless they are made from the same plant as black tea. Other hot drinks like hot chocolate are okay.

Why Don’t Mormons Drink Caffeine?

Some Mormons have noticed that both coffee and black tea have high amounts of caffeine, a substance that science has shown is addictive. This has led many Mormons to speculate that what God really wants us to avoid is caffeine. This may well be correct, but God has never specifically mentioned caffeine. Some Mormons choose to avoid caffeine in general, but the church does not require it.

Can Mormons Drink Soda?

Why can mormons drink Coke? Or Pepsi? Well, some Mormons choose to avoid caffeinated soda because they believe, as mentioned above, that God wants us to avoid caffeine. The Church does not prohibit Coke or Pepsi, however. Some Mormons do choose to drink these soft drinks.