I was just wondering, if you were a person who wanted to join the Church, how long would you have to be going to services and other activities before you could get baptised? I really don’t know why I’m interested in the Church, but I’ve started to read the Book of Mormon a little, and am beginning to ask more questions with the missionaries on things I don’t understand. I really can’t explain why I can’t stop thinking about this, but it is really annoying, but not exactly in a bad way. Hope you all understand why I would be. Thanks

Cameron from Falkirk, Scotland,

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Vicente Silva
February 20, 2012

Hi Cameron. I’ve heard God’s spirit described as a “burning in the bosom” and a “quickening of the intellect,” but I’ve never heard it described as “annoying.” 🙂 I think I know what you mean, though. Sometimes God’s encouragement can be very persistent. When people first hear the gospel message, God sometimes compels them to learn more and more about Christ’s restored gospel. I’m so grateful for God’s influence that I’ve felt in my own life. I’m happy you’re also feeling that influence so early in the learning process.

Everyone’s conversion story is different. Some people like my wife feel prepared for conversion after only a few weeks. Others take longer. There’s not really a right or wrong answer. When you feel compelled by God’s loving spirit to join the church, your time has come. Study, prayer, and pondering will help prepare you.

God be with you on this exciting new spiritual journey. I’ll pray for you.

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