I joined the Church over 50 years ago, when I was only…

by Charles Abbott

I joined the Church over 50 years ago, when I was only 20. The best decision I ever made in my life. Because I am a convert I know first-hand that sometimes it is difficult for a new member to adapt to what may be an different lifestyle or for a teenager to resist peer pressure or harmful internet posts. I am very impressed by your website and the opportunity it gives to members who may be struggling with doubt to interact with someone who can answer their questions. Recently I wrote and published a book entitled “Immersion in Mormonism.” It is available in Deseret Book Stores and through my website, immersioninmormonism.com. In the website there is a blog entitled “A Book to Help Mormon Converts Stay Active, Stay Strong, and Stay LDS.” The word, benefits is underlined and when clicked it links to your website. It is my hope that some of my readers may be directed to your website to receive further answers to their questions. If it is possible to get a reciprocal link that would be great — but of course that is up to you and your policies.

Felipe Prado: Thanks for your kind comments about my site, Charles! I’m happy to post your testimony, together with the link to the site you mentioned. It’s always wonderful when converts speak up about their conversion experiences. Converts keep our culture vibrant and help us remember just how precious the gospel really is. All the best!

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