Can Mormons Marry Folks from Other Churches? Can They Date Them?

by Miguel Leal -

I’m often asked if a Mormon (latter-day saint) can be romantically involved with someone of another faith. The purpose of this article is to provide some helpful clarification.

Can a Mormon marry someone of another faith?
Two kinds of marriage in Mormon culture
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What if I only want to date a Mormon?

Can a Mormon marry someone of another faith?

There are a number of complicating factors that lead most practicing Mormons to marry members of their own faith. First, Mormonism is not just a religion; it’s also a culture. Significant cultural differences can complicate a marriage, even when a couple is sincerely in love. Cultural complications may explain why studies show that marriages between Mormons and those of other faiths have remarkably high rates of divorce. On the other hand, marriages between two Mormons, especially when realized in a Mormon temple, have remarkably low rates of divorce. Cultural unity in marriage is very important.

Additionally, marriage plays a much larger role in Mormon theology than in the theology of other Christian religions. While all Christian religions emphasize the importance of marriage, in Mormonism marriage is considered essential for progression in the next life. Specifically, special marriage ceremonies realized in Mormon temples are essential. These ceremonies can only be performed when both the husband and wife are properly prepared. Preparation includes, among other things, baptism and full participation in the LDS faith. Consequently, most practicing Mormons choose to marry members of their own faith for theological reasons as well.


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