How to Recover from a Serious Sin

by Leonardo Leal -

People can change
I often receive emails from people who have committed serious sins. These people feel spiritually lost and don’t know how to return to the right path. If you find yourself in this situation, I want you to know that God still loves you. There’s no sin that’s beyond them reach of Christ’s atonement. Through Christ, you can change.

Step 1: Be Honest with Yourself

The first step to spiritual recovery is to be honest with yourself. Your sin is ruining your life, and you don’t have the power to overcome it. You need the help of Jesus Christ. Get rid of your pride and stop lying to yourself. Stop pretending like your sin isn’t really that serious. Stop trying to blame your behavior on other people. Stop pretending like your choices aren’t effecting those around you.

Make a list of all the ways your current behavior contradicts your core beliefs. Ask yourself why you continue to do things that you yourself find so repugnant. Writing things down is very helpful; it will help you organize your thoughts.

Step 2: Have Hope and Trust

Through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, we can overcome sin. (Reflections of Christ)

Now that you’ve recognized the seriousness of your sin, it’s time to have hope. Your sin is profoundly destructive, but through Jesus Christ you can recover. Pray frequently, asking God to help you internalize this important reality. Start studying what prophets and apostles have written about forgiveness and the atonement. For some, hope comes right away. For others, it takes time. Just be patient. God will answer your prayers.

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Step 3: Accept the Truth and Confess

Step 4: Seek a Change of Heart

Step 5: Seek Forgiveness

Step 6: Maintain Your Spirituality


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