‘The Chain’

Not all chains are steel, nor does every chain oppress. Some liberate. Such is the gospel legacy each has received from ancestral metal workers, a chain forged from souls in the furnace of familial love, a chain passed down through generations.

Each is a blacksmith entitled to add one link. Some dedicate their entire lives to the job, sacrificing all they have to make a link stronger than the previous. Others are so busy doing the unimportant that they work only sporadically, forging a weak link that trivializes the work of generations past. Yet others deny their responsibility all together. They spend their time in idle places doing idle things, and when they leave the blacksmith’s shop their link remains unfinished. Their chain ends. Their legacy is broken.

This chain extends not through space but through generations. Unchanging gospel values passed from grandparents to parents to children bind us to our ancestors, to our roots. Each has a divine mandate to hammer out a gospel-legacy link, to pass this our most precious family heirloom on to our posterity.

As a missionary, I dealt with families. I saw how they made and destroyed links and how chains were started and broken. I rejoiced when parents transmitted the priceless gospel legacy to their children. I sorrowed when they neglected their gospel heritage.

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