Since its beginning, many Church leaders have spoken out against racism.

In a time when many believed black people did not even have souls, “They [Negroes] came into the world slaves, mentally and physically. Change their situation with the whites, and they would be like them. They have souls and are subject to salvation. Go to Cincinnati or any city, and find an educated Negro, who rides in his carriage, and you will see a man who has risen by his own mind to his exalted state of respectability.”–President Joseph Smith, in 1844

(See History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, vol. 5, 1980, pg. 217)

“For their abuse of [the Black African] race, the whites will be cursed, unless they repent.”–President Brigham Young, in 1863

(See Journal of Discourses, 1956, pg. 110)

“America has the great opportunity to lead the world from…unrighteous usurpation of power…She must prove to the people of the world that she has no selfish ends to serve, no desire for conquest, nor of national or race superiority. When these ideals are established, America can blaze the trail and lead the world to peace.”–President David O. McKay, in 1944

Black Mormon

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