1. Did Jesus have a glorified body in pre existence?

2. Did God have a wife?

3. What does begotten Jesus mean?

4. Is the Holy Spirit one of God’s spirit children like we are?

Russell from San Antonio,

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Miguel Miranda
2017-12-03 08:41:31
Hi Russell. Thanks for your questions.

1. Mormons believe the pre-mortal Christ did not yet possess a physical body, glorified or otherwise. To be clear, though, we do believe He was divine even then. He is Jehovah, the God of the Old Testament, as well as God the Son, described in the New Testament.

2. Mormons do believe in a "Heavenly Mother" in the abstract sense, but we know almost nothing about Her, and She consequently doesn't play much of a concrete role in our theology. Some Mormons do conceptualize Her as "God's wife." I suspect that, after we die and learn the truth of these things, we'll discover that that kind of mortal analogy is a comically inadequate description of God and His relationships and associations with others.

3. We don't know exactly what begotten means in this sense. I think I know what's prompting you to ask, though. No, Mormons do not teach that God and Mary had a physical relationship. The Bible makes it clear that Christ was born to a virgin.

4. According to my understanding, God did create the Holy Spirit. In that sense, the Holy Spirit is also a child of God, though a very different kind of child than we are.

I hope these answers help! Please don't hesitate to send any additional questions my way. I'm happy to help.

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