Hi, I was born in the church, recently I’ve been less active because I’ve been struggling with a lot of different stuff, notably an addiction to opiates, depression, and serious panic attacks.

I’ve been prescribed xanax for my panic attacks but my stake leader told me I couldn’t be worthy and have a recommandation to go to the temple while on this medication.

Is it true? I’ve also been on methadone for a few years because I stopped doing opiates, is there any way I can be worthy again and get married in the temple one day if I’m still on methadone or on my anxiety medication? I need to know. Thank you.


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Jorge Prado
2018-06-03 10:57:58
Hi Antoine. Thanks for your message. First off, let me congratulate you for your desire to come back to the church, and for your efforts to overcome your addictions. Both these decisions require courage. It's excellent that you're making such progress in your personal and spiritual life.

It's excellent, too, that you're treating your depression and anxiety. I know folks who struggle with issues like these. They can be great challenges.

While it's possible that your stake leader is straight up misinformed about church policies, it seems more likely that there has been some sort of miscommunication somewhere. If you're not abusing Xanax (meaning you have a prescription for this medication from a licenced physician), it is of course fine to take it.

I believe the same is true of methadone. If you're using it with a legal prescription, with the intent of trying to overcome your addiction in as timely a manner as possible, there shouldn't be a problem. My understanding is that, while long-term methadone treatment is sometimes necessary, it is often possible discontinue use in time. That would be an excellent goal, if possible in your case. Your physicians and counsellors should be able to help.

On the other hand, illegal use of any drugs, whether prescription or otherwise, can keep people away from the temple. People struggling with drug abuse benefit from taking a temple break while they recover spiritually. Going to the temple unprepared has the opposite spiritual effect that going to the temple prepared has.

I hope this answer helps! I know God will bless you as you try your best to keep His commandments and progress towards full temple worship. I'll pray for you, sister!

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