Hi, I am also Christian, what is the difference between Marmone and other churches?

Anonymous from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India,

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Jorge Santana
April 9, 2012

Hi friend. I’m happy you’re interested in learning more about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the “Mormon Church”)! This church has been such an incredible blessing in my life and in the lives of millions of others. It’s wonderful to belong to such an international family. Most importantly, this church has helped me grow closer to the Savior Jesus Christ. Our church is just starting in India. Perhaps there’s a Mormon chapel near your home, in case you’d like to visit.

“Mormonism” is a beautiful Christian religion. It’s true, however, that it is a unique kind of Christianity; Mormons are not Catholics, Protestants, or Orthodox Christians. They don’t accept the creeds established after New Testament times.

Given that Mormons are Christians, they believe in many of the same things other Christians believe, including:

  1. Christ is divine and salvation comes only through Him.
  2. The Bible is the word of God.
  3. People should love one another.

Mormons belong to a unique branch of Christianity, however. We’re not Catholics or Protestants, so naturally we have a few beliefs that are unique. Most of these differences are small. One significant difference relates to the authority to act in God’s name. Mormons believe that shortly after the death of Christ and His apostles, the early Christian church was heavily influenced by Greek and Roman philosophies and politics. Despite the efforts of many noble men and women, the true Church of Christ was lost because of these external influences and internal changes realized by the hands of men. Mormons believe that God restored the original Christian Church, together with the authority to act in His name, in 1820 through a man named Joseph Smith.

In case you’d like to learn more, I recently wrote an article entitled How can I Join the Mormon Church? that you might find helpful.

John Jeremiah Conroy
April 14, 2012

Mormons are of a unique branch of Christianity just as their are many branches on a tree. In the Christian world theirs the roman catholic, anglican episcolpalian, the greek and middle east orthodox, the protestants, the charismatics, the pentecoastals, the fundamentalists evangleicals, the non denominational groups, the seventh day adventist, jehovah witneeses, Christian science, swedenborgianism and mormons are all differant aspecets and branches of Christianity that make up the family historical Christian root tree. The mormons are a seperate group of Christians that came around especially during the enlightment era during the 1800s when their was much inspiration going on and new groups coming up such as the brethren, the adventists, the russellites, the quakers and shakers, emanual swedenborg, mary eddy baker, ellen g white, and many others.

John Jeremiah Conroy
April 14, 2012

Mormons and other churches have a lot in common as well as some differences. Both believe that Jesus Christ is both Jehovah of the Old Testament and New Testament Christ Mormons and other churches both believe that Jesus Christ is the great I am in the Old Testament. Both believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God and king of kings and lord of lords, both believe that Satan is the Father of all lies and that one third of the host of heaven were kicked out of heaven. Mormons and other churches both believe that mankind is carnal and fleshly and an enmity against God. Both believe in the importance of water baptism in full immersion and in the doctrine of repentance. Both believe in the literal resurrection of Jesus Christ and that Jesus Christ had a literal physical body of flesh and bones.

John Jeremiah Conroy
April 14, 2012

One of the major disnctins between mormons and Christians is that mormons hold on to the word of wisdom of abstaining from coffee, alcahol, smoking and hot drinks where some Christians will use alacohol, smoking and coffee in moderate. Christians believe thats an individual matter beteen the Lord and the believer where mormons beieve its a commandment by the Lord to hold on to the word of wisdom. Mormons believe in a life before we liv3ed on earth known as prre existence and then we lived on earth as mortal probation and then we go to the orld of spirits until the resurrection of our body and soul and then we are assign our eternal rewards of differant kingdoms or differant heavens such as the celestial kingdom, terrestrial and telestial kingdoms. Christians believe that we all were born on earth and that we will return back to God going to heaven saved or the unsaved unconverted will spend eternity in hell the lake of fire. Christians only believe Jesus Christ pre existed before he was born on earth. Christians generally dont believe that human souls pre existed in heaven before they were born on earth. There are groups in the3 Christian world outside the main stream of orthodox Christianity that believe in pre existence of souls in heaven such as the apostolic church father origin in the 3rd century. Mormons believe in eternal marriage and you can be eternally married and sealed in the temple where Christians believe only in marriage til death do us part.

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