Hello. I was born in the church, but this year I’ve been feeling some doubts and confusion about the church. I want to be happy in the church, and I don’t want to leave it. I’d like to know what I should do. Should I speak with someone or can I figure this out on my own? Thanks for your help.

AnĂ³nimo from Madrid,
(Comment originally posted in Spanish)

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Carlos Bravo
December 18, 2016

Hi sister. I’m not sure I understand the reasoning behind your question. If you don’t want to leave the church, then don’t leave it! Most people have some doubts sometimes. Our faith goes through periods of strength and weakness. We should just work to make the strong times stronger and to study and pray to find answers to our questions.

Too many people think that their doubts somehow force them to leave the church. But how is it then that some people with doubts stay? Some people are even strengthened by their doubts because those doubts encourage them to study more.

Leaving the church is something people choose. No one is forced to leave. If you don’t want to leave the church, don’t leave it.

When people stay and accept that there will always be doubts–that answers will come in time with patience–then they don’t deprive themselves of the many blessings that come from worshiping God in His restored church, even with their doubts.

I hope you choose to stay, sister. I hope you grow more comfortable with doubts and that you work patiently to overcome them in time.

January 13, 2017

Very well answered. Thanks. I love reading the posts on this site.

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