I enjoy your informational site on mormonism. It’s also nice to be able to ask a question somewhat anonymously. If a married mormon man had sex and a long time relationship with a single women, would the consequences be the same for the single woman as it would be for the married man? Is it more serious for the man if his marriage is sealed? If the man gets a divorce from his wife, would he be allowed to marry the single woman he has been having a long-time relationship with? Are there eternal consequences for either person? Would God forgive either person if they marry after his divorce? I need to stay as anonymous as possible, and having (somewhat) anonymity allows me to feel more free to ask these questions. Thank you for your honest answer, your time, and your website! Have a good day, friend!


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Leonardo Castro
February 23, 2010

Hi friend. I’m very happy that you’re comfortable asking your questions here and that my site has helped you! Thank you for your kind words. Obviously, the ideal situation would be for the adulterer to repent and to be re-baptized if excommunication is judged necessary. He should stay with his family if his family will have him.

Adultery is a very serious sin, regardless of who commits it. You’re right, however, in thinking that the eternal consequences of adultery are even more serious for someone who has been sealed because such a person has made a special covenant (promise) with God and his spouse. God takes this covenant very seriously, and we should too.

While I would never counsel someone to divorce, it may be that the wife will prefer to move on, now that the covenant has been broken. In that case, the adulterous husband would be free to pursue other relationships and would hopefully not repeat the same mistake with his second wife. God’s forgiveness is always possible if we come to Him in humility, but I must confess that, to me, sincere repentance seems difficult and unlikely when one decides to sin beforehand with the idea that simple repentance afterwords will lead effortlessly to forgiveness. If you know that something is morally wrong, don’t do it. If you have already made the terrible mistake of committing adultery, don’t compound that mistake by taking additional steps to break up someone else’s eternal marriage. It’s more important to do the right thing than to do what is convenient or what feels good. God bless you with wisdom to make the right choice. Best of luck to you.

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