Iam a member of mormon church I want to Increase my faith in Jesus Christ now Iam living in kerala. Is It possible to find a missionary brother In trivandrum?

Kiran from Trivandrum,

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2018-10-28 13:13:08
The Church’s missionary program is one of its most recognized characteristics.

Hi! I love your desire to strengthen your faith, and I know that the Lord is excited to help you with this! Trivandrum is currently part of the India Bengaluru Mission. I recommend you visit https://www.mormon.org/missionaries and try to get in contact with the missionaries there. You can also ask local leadership.

Other excellent ways to strengthen your faith:

- Choose a specific commandment and make a focused effort to live it well.

- Study and ponder the scriptures

- Repent, seek and accept forgiveness for mistakes, and enjoy increased peace

- Read more about faith in Jesus Christ: https://www.lds.org/topics/faith?lang=eng

God bless you!

- John

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