Jacob 7: 27 says Brethren, adieu. How did Jacob know French?

Anonymous from Silang, Cavite, Philippines,

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Daniel Rubio
2017-02-05 14:24:57
The Book of Mormon has been translated into many languages.
Hi Silang. Far more concerning than a single French word in the Book of Mormon are the many, many English words. How did these ancient peoples know English! ? !

I say this joking, of course. The Book of Mormon is a translation. The original writers spoke neither English nor French. Joseph Smith likely chose to use the word adieu because it concisely conveyed a sense of finality.

I hope this answer helps. All the best.
2017-04-19 01:55:44
Adieu! I loved that phrase when I saw it in the Book of Mormon. I thought the same thing

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