I haven’t worked in seven months. I’m a chemist and I’ve always worked on quality control. There’s an opportunity to work in a brewery as a laboratory coordinator. I wouldn’t have to drink anything. I think it’s my best bet at employment, but I’m a faithful member of the church. Do you think it’s a bad idea?

Johanna from Bogota,
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Diego Leal
2017-01-22 08:52:57
A missionary hugging a bishop in Aracaju, Sergipe, Brazil.
Hi Joanna. This is a very difficult question. The word of wisdom says that we shouldn't drink alcohol. But does that imply that we also have a responsibility to prevent others from drinking? Certainly alcohol has done a lot of damage to society. It seems wise to discourage its use. But how far do we, as members, have to go to discourage it?

I've heard members of the church express different opinions. Some believe that Mormons should have nothing to do with alcohol. Others point out that Brigham Young owned brewery. He claimed that only Mormons had to avoid alcohol, not others who might be passing through Utah. But back in Brigham Young's time the Word of Wisdom is just a suggestion, not a commandment. So his kind of thinking might not apply today.

Please talk with your Bishop about this. He'll be able to give you much better advice given your specific situation. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful!
2017-04-08 10:48:43
I worked through college after my mission in a restaurant, with duties that included serving alcohol. I worked through high school at McDonalds, where I had to make and serve coffee. I never felt unworthy or sinful for doing so. I am still an active, temple-recommend-carrying member anda happily married father of four. My association with coffee and alcohol didn't taint my soul.

Would you feel anxious if you worked in a grocery or convenience store and had to sell cigarettes and alcohol? Or a restaurant serving coffee, tea, and alcohol? I know your situation is somewhat different in that this would be your sole duty. I don't know how comfortable I would be doing it either.

Are non-Mormons under the same commands as Morons? Are they damned for not following covenants they didn't make?

Millions of good, Christian, God-fearing people drink. Some are alcoholics. People abuse prescription drugs, yet I doubt many who work in pharmaceuticals would express concern over making those drugs for legitimate use even though some abuse them. Would it be evil to work in an underwear factory since we ought to wear garments?

I cannot tell you what's best for you and I don't think your Bishop can either, though he might be a good sounding board, I believe that the Lord can, will, and does provide inspiration to individuals concerning their employment. This cold be a trial of your faith, or a blessing. I think only the Lord knows the answer for sure.

Not an answer, just some thoughts.

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