I’m Mormon, but my girlfriend isn’t. I’m 16 years old, and I know that I want to be with her for the rest of my life. When I come back from my mission, if she waits for me I plan to get married to her.

The problem is it will only be a civil marriage. After we get married, will it be sinful if we have relations? Would it be breaking the law of chastity? I’d like her to become interested in the church, but she has a very hard heart. I’d really appreciate any advice on how I can get her interested, too. I’m always praying for guidance and fasting to receive some inspiration. I look forward to your answers. Thanks.

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Lucas Bravo
2016-12-18 14:40:01
Members of the Church believe that marriages performed in temples are sealed, or blessed to last for eternity.
Hi brother. I assume you already know about the importance of temple marriage and that your girlfriend will not be able to marry you there unless she chooses to prepare herself. I wouldn't trade the blessings of that covenant for anything.

That having been said, your question is whether or not sex within the bounds of a civil marriage is sinful. The answer is most certainly not! A married couple is supposed to be intimate. That's why God created intimacy in the first place.

I hope this answer helps.
2017-01-31 16:14:25
Amen to that. You're 16 years old and have every opportunity in the world for your future. Don't sell yourself short, and her as well, by settling for anything less than an eternal temple marriage.

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