I have a question about sealings. I have three children from my first marriage. We weren’t sealed. We divorced, and I married someone who isn’t a member of our church. Can I be sealed as a mother to my children?

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Mateo Campos
2017-08-27 10:22:25
Hi sister. Thanks for the question. According to my understanding, a sealing requires both a man and a woman. One parent alone cannot be sealed to his or her children in this life, though such a sealing may be possible vicariously after death. Regardless, I'm certain God will find a way to bless all His children who do their best to keep His commandments. We can have faith in Him, that He will find the perfect balance of mercy and justice.

If you haven't already done so, I encourage you, too, to chat with your husband about the church. If he chooses to join the church, and if your ex consents, I believe your children could be sealed to you and your new husband if you prepare yourselves. If your ex doesn't consent, the sealing could perhaps take place after your children have grown to adulthood.

I hope this answer helps. I encourage you to chat with your Bishop about these questions. He'll likely be able to provide further information. All the best!

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